After we spent 2 years living in North Korea we realized how little the outside world knew about the Korean Peninsula. We saw a need to help bring awareness to it and continue to work towards this end. The information about the Korean Peninsula is sensationalized for media ratings and neglects the humanity of average North Korean citizens.

The Korean people were torn into 2 different worlds during the Korean War, also known as the Forgotten War, and are now into the 3rd generation of separation from each other.

It is not just the Forgotten War these days. It is an almost entirely unknown situation that most outside this area of the world know nothing about. If no one knows, how can it change? How can it be reconciled? How can it be resolved?

We can debate how, but first we have to be aware and make sure others are aware. This is our goal. Awareness.

One way, albeit a very small but helpful way is by being intentional about what we promote when we purchase items. This is where One Korea World comes into play and where you can help.

Clothes. We will always need them all the time and we will always buy merch.

Why not buy such things that advocate the geopolitical cause of our generation, the process of unifying a divided people via peace and exchange?


Rob & Emily 


(TOP) North Korea & (LOWER) Chinese border with the DPRK both with our first born during our time there. To us, these pictures reveal a hope and the real potential that we can see a reunified Korean people and also that we can help as facilitators and ambassadors of love and peace.